Increasing need for inclusion
The streets have been empty, but the minds of the younger generations have not. There’s been more time to reflect on one’s actions and it has become apparent that our values need a reset: from combatting climate change, to breaking the cycle of racial and gender inequality. Several groups have been fighting for the reform of outdated systems, breaking rigid social constructs in the process.

Performative activism
Learning more about these different movements and how they intersect, makes you better equipped to pivot your business to be more purpose driven. But how do you find your purpose in an age of activism, when so many groups are trying to drive change at the same time? And how can you authentically play a part without being cast aside for performative activism?

Three movements in the spotlight
In this whitepaper and accompanying trend webinar MARE sheds a light on the three most prominent movements; Smashing the Patriarchy, Black Lives Matter and Intersectional Environmentalism. We’ll provide you with insights on the words and language the younger generations are using, so you will be able to understand their rhetoric and ambitions. A movement is only as strong as its leadership, so we will show you the frontrunners within each movement as well. Lastly, we will give you tips and tricks as to how you can play a part in this new and more inclusive discourse.

Download the full whitepaper over here. And rewatch the accompanying trend webinar here on our website.

Alle spotlights