Agile with MARE To Go

Many organizations are getting involved in the agile way of working, with all sorts of opportunities and challenges that come with it. In the world of agile working, the customer is very much at the core of it all. With every step in the process to the next MVP we want to know: what does the customer think of all this and where can we improve in this step? MARE can efficiently add value in this process in both a qualitative and quantitative way. Somewhat differently to more traditional methods, but still with quality at the heart of what we do.

We distinguish several ways of being meaningful to our clients in the agile process: Lean & Mean solutions and Insight Expertise as part of the multidisciplinary agile teams. For Lean & Mean it is all about speed and hypotheses testing within the next step of development. Insight Expertise offers customized consultancy within the integral process, whereby MARE lines up with the compact planning of the agile team and delivers on-demand insights.

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