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Stay on top of signs of change with our latest trend overview.

MARE’s trend overview envisions the consumer of the future and helps our clients understand what drives them, in order to anticipate lifestyle shifts.

The trend overview paints a clear picture of the various trends that are currently in play and that we expect to be influential in the near future. Here we emphasize not only identifying what is emerging, but also why these trends are on the rise.

The 2024/ 2025 trend overview consists of ten trends.

For each trend, we illustrate how various developments are interconnected and together form the trend. This ‘illustrated narration’ allows us to portray the trend in a tangible and imaginative manner.

Core values, key elements and trend signals make each trend easily recognizable and applicable.

Additionally, through cultural analyses we interpret societal developments that underly the trend. These cultural insights expand the understanding of the trend and uncover why the trend is on the rise.


Curious about our trends? The complete trend overview 2024/ 2025 is available from €1000,- (incl. VAT). Get a free sneak peek on request.


Even more depth and inspiration

Want to know more? Get inspired with an Inspiration Boost, dive further into depth with a Deepdive or engage with the faces of change in a Spark Session.

  • Trend Talk
    A Trend Talk is a sparkling trend presentation in which a selection of trends is presented. This selection is made together with the client.
  • Trend Deep dive
    A Trend Deep dive provides additional insight into what a trend can mean for your brand or organization. Together with the client, we make a selection from the trend overview. A Trend deep dive then further examines this selection, in order to deepen our understanding of them.
  • Trend Collab
    In a Trend Collab, you meet faces of change. Engage in dialogue, brainstorm, co-create or get inspired by changemakers and the creative frontrunners.


Want to know more? Contact the Anticipate team by emailing [email protected].

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